Orchid Shades Company Doha Qatar is well equipped and specialized in manufacturing of tensile structures, Architecture Membranes, Car Parking Shades, Umbrella Shades, Swimming pool Shades, Sun Shades, Warehouse Hangars, Factory Sheds, Play area Shades, K-Span (Kwik Span), Canopies, Pergolas with kind of fabrics like PVDF, PVC, HDPE, HDPE Waterproof - brands Ferrari, Mehler,Coolaroo, GALE Commercial 95, Comshade - All accessories for the Shade Industry.

We have progressed with a steady increase in output from our production unit in Qatar, consistent with the growth in the Shades construction industry in the Gulf. We give life to your concepts or design ideas with our expertise and technology to bring them to reality. Our wide range of products would suit any type of interior or exterior environments.

Tensile structures are lightweight and flexible. The low weight of the materials allow incredible free span roofs, making construction easier and cheaper than standard designs, especially when vast open spaces have to be covered.

Specialist in designing, consultation and construction of a wide range of fabric and tensile structures and products for a variety of uses, including convention centres, amphitheatres, domes, car park and also for interiors as well. Offering expertise in all phases of the custom design process, incorporating the latest technology, innovative construction techniques, and dedication to the principles of sustainable architectural design.

Our workshop is well equipped with latest machines in related fields. The workshop equipment is also complimented by other site installation equipment such as lifting, pulling and concrete drilling machinery